"Mark Allen is an incredible untapped talent. He works well with actors and speaks their language. His visual sense is untouchable. He can make anything look like it was made for a million dollars."

~ Kelly Hu, actress: X2, Scorpion King,
“In Case of Emergency”

"Mark Allen has a unique ability to see exactly what is missing in a scene or in a peformance, always bring out the best in the performer.”

~ Laura Harring, actress: Mulholland Drive, “The Shield,” Nancy Drew

“Mark Allen is a gifted filmmaker. He's not only a visionary but a pragmatist with the flexibility and experience to navigate the trickiest of production issues -- a true rarity in the film business. Working with him was a pleasure, a relief, and a truly rewarding experience.”

~ Leo Chu, producer / former VP of Disney: Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Findng Nemo

"Mark kept us focused on creating great art on time and on budget; without him, quite frankly, we would have gone bankrupt. He is a remarkably talented artist, a superb problem solver and a disciplined and kind manager - cast and crew want to work for him."

Paul Rosenblum, producer: Femme Fatale, Avenging Angelo

"Many years from now, I will be telling folks 'I knew Mark Allen before he got huge'."

~ Patrick Lee, former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes, producer of The Heavenly Kings