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Mark Allen on Loveline

I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never…

What do you have to do to get on national radio?

Well, apparently being a pescaterian who has never drank alcohol and doesn’t own a TV is enough.

A few nights ago I was accompanying Kelly Hu to her taping of the national show “Loveline with Dr. Drew.” I’ve gone to a few of these shows and you end up just watching, chatting during the commercials, then acting as body guard on the way home if necessary. It’s fun and you meet nice people.

Tonight was a little bit odd, the DJ, “Striker,” and I started talking midway during the show and he thought it was strange I said I was a “pescaterian” when i turned down the sausage pizza and then the producer mentioned to him that I had never drank alcohol (we’d been talking and somehow it came up) and then when somehow it came up I didn’t own a TV – he said “you want to be on the show?”

So, there I was for a few minutes of my 15 minutes of fame talking about my all my odd habits. When Kelly came back on, she commented, “Yeah but he can’t keep a box of cereal in the house for five minutes.”

I do wish I’d been present of mind enough to give a little of my theory on why I don’t drink to give it some context, but – you know, I’m new at this, so I forgive myself. When I tour the nation with my movie I’ll know better. 🙂 Plus we sort of got onto some other subject about how it was strange Kelly’s boyfriend and my name were almost identical. But they were all very nice and I had a good time. It’s good to know though that my eccentricity may be a good marketing angle.

2 Responses to “Mark Allen on Loveline”

  1. Jolie Says:

    Hi Mark. don’t be surprised. I got to your site from a link on the other site you gave to me. i read through everything. intriguing. J.

  2. shorty Says:

    Hey Mark! I came on the site for a few seconds back when I first went to your profile on the AnD site, but didn’t actually scroll down. It looks as if we should have already known your six weird things then. Unfortunately, I don’t think we get that show over here in NZ cos I’ve never heard of it!