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I’ve been blogging a lot at, a Hong Kong based artist/fan community where I am one of the featured artists. The CEO is Patrick Lee, formerly the CEO of Rotten Tomatoes.

I will continue to blog the big news here though of course.

Currently I’m writing a two projects attached to different actors – but I can’t talk about either one of them. I’m editing the most recent spot I directed for Sebastian… but I can’t show it yet.

Allucinari just signed on to do work for Mercedes and do all the visual effects for a TV show for which I’m under NDA on. So – as you can see… I’ll need to wait a bit for the big news.

Look for an article about a project I did in the next Creative Cow Magazine as well.

6 Responses to “On”

  1. peachey Says:

    I’ve found you. 😉

  2. Bubunya Says:

    Hi Mark!

    Who is Sebastian?
    Is it some kind of promos or just four shorts?
    Great idea and video btw :O)

    All the best

  3. Mark Allen Says:

    Sebastian is a fashion company – mostly hair. Thanks for watching!

  4. littlezj Says:

    hey mark
    due to some reason
    I will have to create a new profile on AnD ,emm, maybe leave for a while ,,
    but I will continue to support u haha
    thats for sure ,,,thanks for the encouragement ,,, you make me feel more confident ,
    I will let you ,,once I “create “the new me ,,,hahaha
    take care
    good day

  5. littlezj Says:

    let u know

    btw ,,your write more informal here
    like it

  6. artlover Says:

    The alive not dead blog is great, but why did you not post here as well?