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Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a writer, director, and visual effects pioneer with over 16 years of professional experience in film and television and over 120 produced screen credits. In 1996, his name appeared in 10% of every movie released at Blockbuster.

Mark Allen was the first filmmaker in history to receive digital distribution when Apple Computer released his short ASSIMILATION on over 500,000 CDs across the world to introduce their revolutionary Quicktime technology. Soon afterwards, he appeared on the cover of DV magazine as the poster-child of low budget visually-driven filmmaking. His short film SHELF LIFE premiered at the Palm Springs film festival and landed him a job as the in-house director of an American owned Japanese production company where he directed music videos for emerging artists such as BEATLES ON MY TV for Seito Kazuyoshi. As an honors graduate from UCLA's theater school, Mark Allen also wrote and directed several operas which were performed live in Los Angeles. His production LAND OF OPPORTUNITY for the Los Angeles Festival was heralded by the prestigious Performance Art Journal. With a background in theater, he continues to coach specific actors for feature and TV roles as well as hosting a regular improvisation workshop.

Because of the ground breaking visual effects in his short film, THE SHAPEMAKER, it was featured at the exclusive entertainment technology forum, SIGGRAPH in the same segment as the spot which inspired the famous effects for THE MATRIX. As a visual effects director, he established a reputation of solving impossible situations - like how to finish Snoop Dogg's first movie trilogy URBAN MENACE when 40% of the footage was stolen on it's way back to the United States. His company continues to produce miracle effects for movies and television including all five seasons of THE BERNIE MAC SHOW as well as specialty pieces for artists like FAITH HILL and TONI BRAXTON and companies such as SEBASTIAN, SEGA, NAMCO, and MATTEL.

Recently Mark Allen combined his visual effects experience with his Martial Arts experience (Black Belt in Kanzen Budo Kai Karate) to write and direct a spot for MTV'S CHOOSE OR LOSE campaign featuring Kelly Hu, Maggie Q, Ming Na, and John Cho. It was the first spot MTV has ever singled out for an Emmy submission and won the national BEACON AWARD for best PSA.